mystic forest late night sketch

Here’s a ca.70 minute concept sketch before I am going to sleep. Not much detail but time’s up for today :)

Evening sketch


Today’s evening sketch/concept. Just having fun with shapes and colors :)


2D concept sci-fi city at dawn


this started as a doodle while on the phone tonight. After I hung up I developed it further. Here is how far I got after 3.5hrs.

Hope you like it!

Boy playing with friends at the red lake

An evening sketch from today :)

30min speed painting for spitpaint on FB

Sunday’s topic forest fire awoke childhood memories ;’(

Bambiiii pls nooo

30min evening sketch

I love blue…can’t deny it :)

20 min evening sketch

Quick color sketch from tonight :) I’d like to take this one a step further in the future but for now:

Leaving the nest


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