More recent work on my website


as I switched over to using Behance more and more and integrating it into my website I’d like to invite you to visit in order to see recent works of mine :)

I might still post here from time to time.



deers in a cave

Here’s a 1.5hrs ontop of a sketch I posted a few days back. Hope you like it!

Might add something to the foreground.

in a land of snow and ice :P

Late night painting, roughly 2-3hrs


While I am at it here two more sketches I did a week or two ago.

First one strongly inspired by dragonstone as you can tell :P

After work sketches from today


here are today’s evening sketches. Very rough stuff and mostly too dark.

All my energy was already used at work :P



10min (reuse of first thumbnail)


5 mins

Aaaand trying to take the last one a little further but didn’t turn out the way I planned :D. Time flew…I worked 70mins on this :/




mystic forest late night sketch

Here’s a ca.70 minute concept sketch before I am going to sleep. Not much detail but time’s up for today :)

Evening sketch


Today’s evening sketch/concept. Just having fun with shapes and colors :)